The power of investing- An introductory step to investment strategies

investment strategies

Many people have heard about the global word "Investment" but few knows how powerful it is, some may have been finding answers to these questions;Why do we need to invest? why can't we just stick to our daily profits or monthly salary? what are we going to gain after investing? what are the investment strategies need to be considered while investing? and in this article we will expose you to the power of investing.

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1. ONLY YOUR INVESTMENT can keep you going even after all the onions, amnesty, travelling, active salaries have left you drenched

2. Salary is ONLY a short term solution to a life time problem WHILE INVESTMENT is a life time continuous solution to our unending problems.

3. SALARY ALONE cannot solve your money problems. You need multiple sources of income and that is where INVESTMENT steps in

4. The Tax form contains about 11 incomes streams, and SALARY is just ONE of them. You can explore other 10 sources as well

5. Salary is the MEDICINE for managing POVERTY, not the CURE. Only your INVESTMENT or BUSINESS cures POVERTY.

6. Most investors are not SALARY EARNERS

7. The difference between BEGGARS on the street and SALARY EARNERS is one month’s salary

8. Truncate the flow of their salary for one month and you would realize majority belongs to the lower class.

9. If you do not have 3 months salary in savings, you are already poor.

investment strategies

10.Being a salary earner ONLY is a mentality, BREAK IT!!!!!!

11. Salary is the value someone has put on your effort, how much do you value yourself?

12. Most salary earners end up poor in the long and short term

13. Salary is just a bribe they gave you to forget your dreams

14. Being a SALARY EARNER or an INVESTOR is a decision. Life will not change until you DECIDE. DO THAT NOW!!!!!!

INVESTMENTS can set you up for LIFE and you can be your own boss and earn even at the comfort of your home. THAT IS THE POWER OF INVESTMENT

Basics things you need to know about investment strategies

investment strategies

If you want a shot at becoming wealthy, you need to do more than simply earn money. Most importantly, you need to hold onto the money you earn. And then, you need to grow your money. In order to grow your money, you need to learn how to invest.
When you become an investor, you’ll be using your money to acquire things that offer the potential for profitable returns through one or more of the following:
 Interest and dividends from savings or dividend-paying stocks and bonds
 Cash flow from businesses or real estate
Appreciation of value from a stock portfolio, real estate, or other assets

As you learn to become an investor, you will begin to devote your limited resources to the things with the largest potential for returns. That may be paying down debt, going back to school, or fixing up a two-family house.
So here are the basics of how to invest—wisely.


power of investing

Your little investment today can grow into millions in few years

Investing allows you to significantly grow your money over time thanks to the power of compound returns.

Compounding can be called the “Eight Wonder of the World”. Thanks to the power of compounding, a single naira could grow into millions of naira, given enough time.

When many people are asked to invest, they always want to see results first before they are convinced to do so. I remember when I started as an investor too, When I tried convincing a few friends to join me in investing too, many asked if I already had a car, a few millions in my account or anything substantial to show for it at that stage. But they forget that “No investment gives instant result after start-up. Most takes a few months to even few years to yield maximum result.” As a matter of fact, the only thing true about investments is that most of the time, they even make you poorer than you were before investing because you have put in a large amount of your resources into the investment. Although the situation is just temporary because when investments start paying off, they do so for a very long time. Some even pay the investors for life.

You can start investing at 25 and earn for 40-60 years before probably dying or start at 65 and earn for less than 20 years if you are lucky. The choice is yours so “A stitch in time saves nine (9).

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