Number of People Looking for Crypto-Careers Increased 10-Fold in 2017

New data from the UK shows that interest in crypto careers more than doubled in December 2017 when the all time high Bitcoin chart p...

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New data from the UK shows that interest in crypto careers more than doubled in December 2017 when the all time high Bitcoin chart price record dominated headlines. The average salary for roles requiring “Blockchain” expertise ranges from £30,117 per year for a Research Analyst to £67,209 per year for a Software Architect. 

There are many jobs created at this time which include;
  • cryptocurrency jobs remote
  • cryptocurrency analyst jobs
  • cryptocurrency sales jobs
  • cryptocurrency trading jobs
  • bitcoin developer jobs and many more.

Interest in Crypto Careers is Surging 

The massive rise in the price of bitcoin last year has inspired droves of people in the UK to look for new careers in the crypto sector, this according to figures released today by the dedicated search engine for job listings, Indeed. The company says that its data reveals that at the start of 2017 there was “an acute talent mismatch”, with vacancies outnumbering candidates four to one. 

However by the end of the year the number of those searching for roles had increased 10-fold. During the same period, the number of available jobs tripled, meaning that by December the talent gap narrowed. The greatest spike came in December, when bitcoin’s value in GBP soared past £13,000. 
In December the number of job seekers looking for bitcoin careers was more than double that seen in November 2017, the company explains.

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Cryptocurrency news: Most Wanted Skills 

The data shows that a growing number of employers want to explore developing capabilities derived from the technology behind bitcoin, and thus most vacancies are for people with tech skills. 

The top ten related roles on the site right now, by descending order, are: Developer, Recruiter, Software Engineer, Director IT Digital Strategy & Innovation, Java Developer, C# Developer, Senior QA Engineer, Solution & Proposition Architect, Senior Developer, and lastly Project Manager. Bill Richards, UK Managing Director at Indeed, commented: “Bitcoin was designed to be a secure and anonymous way of paying for things and for some its rocketing value is a sideshow. 

Nevertheless its stellar rise has turned Blockchain – the technology that powers it – into a tech pin-up for ambitious job seekers. Hundreds of companies are now investing in staff and skills in an effort to develop new applications for Blockchain.” ‘‘While the number of opportunities and searches remains modest, Indeed’s data shows companies are increasingly seeking experts to focus on this new technology – and job seekers have been quick to react. It is worth noting that these are specialized roles and they can be hard to fill.

However, Blockchain is a field that is certainly worth watching as both jobseekers and employers seize the opportunity to capitalise on its potential, he added’’ This news shouldn’t be that surprising for anyone closely following cryptocurrency news and the market. 
Back in October 2017 it was revealed that bitcoin-related jobs are the fastest growing category of role on international employment marketplace for freelancers.

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