#Ytech Consult upcoming FEB 17TH business seminar at Lagos

Ytech consult is a business seminar and webinar conducting company that teaches people on how to do genuine and real profitable business online and offline.

We teach people how to do practical and interactive method of handling business.

We teach people autopilot business in which a member will be able to make profit and withdraw it everyday directly to his/her local bank account and a brand new android WiFi phone awaits all participants.

Three different business we be expose to participants on that day;

1. Autopilot business ( pays monthly) with a robust turn over in a year
2. Agro-estate business ( pays daily ranging from $0.1-$40 everyday depending on investment capital)

1. long term Investment business ( pays in 1 year or 2)

The seminar fee is #40000 plus the brand new android phone installed with apps, software, videos and necessary tools to start your business OR #20000 for part payment.

You can also call for more info.

Visit www.ytechconsult.com for online payment.
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