#BBNaija Evicted Housemate Anto Answers Fans' Questions

As of late Evicted Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate Munirat Antoinette Lecky otherwise called Anto is prepared to surprise Africa.

Anto had a fabulous time celebrating and letting free amid her stay and now she's psyched to do enormous things in the games field.

What's more, after her exit from the house, Anto got sincere with the fans as she addressed why a Master's degree holder would join the Big Brother Naija House to how she kept the Jersey young lady within her under control when she was irate.

The following are the fans' inquiries with answers from Anto.

Question 1 : You have a MS degree, why join BBNaija?

Answer : Big Brother is presumably similar to the greatest stage in Africa, gives only a chance to be straightforward everyone watches the show,even on the off chance that you don't watch the show you know who was on the show, so its definately a stage for more individuals to know my name. I wasn't conceived nor brought up in Africa and there's objectives I have in this mainland so on the off chance that I must be on TV for three months and act a trick for more individuals to know my name I believe it's the correct choice to make.

Question 2 : How can it feel to be isolated from family and companions?

Answer : Being isolated from them is entirely irregular, its even less about being isolated from them yet more about being once more into this present reality and seeing other individuals, as better believe it I'll most likely miss them they're my companions however I've been in Nigeria for right around 2 years yet I haven't seen my family so I'm quite used to being far from individuals that I'm near, so now it's simply attempting to get once again into this present reality.

Question 3 : - Why did you 'shroud' your voice once in a while?

Answer : The reason I shrouded my voice frequently is on account of I can get exceptionally irate, individuals most likely don't think along these lines, however like I'm a Jersey young lady (New Jersey in New York) so me I know beyond a shadow of a doubt notwithstanding when I was heading off to the tryout procedure I let them know, whether I get to a point where I get extremely furious I'll get kicked out of the house since I'll hit somebody.

Anto at that point finishes up by saying: "Thank you to every one of the fans who utilized their well deserved cash to vote in favor of me yet ensure you vote me back in, now that I know you folks adore, I'm prepared to diffuse them so please vote me back in the house, Thank you." she said.


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