Day 59 Live Feed Blog on BBnaija 2018

BBnaija 2018 current news headlines

Today we will give you another exciting current news headlines on bbnaija 2018b which our team gathered. It is all about what the housemates will engage in today.

7:56pm - Khloe is washing dishes.

7:33pm - Nina, Miracle, Cee-C and Teddy An are situated in the garden chatting with the last smoking.

7:28pm - Anto is serving the housemates' supper.

7:19pm - A battle separates amongst Khloe and Teddy A...

4:05pm - Head of House Tobi is perusing out brief from Big Brother to the housemates.

3:09pm - Big Brother summons Head of House Tobi to the journal room.

2:57pm - The housemates are in the garden chatting.

2:02pm - Housemates in the parlor partaking in the 2018 Fifa World Cup test assignment that is being supported by SuperSport.

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1:01pm - Head of House Tobi is perusing out an undertaking brief to his kindred housemates who are altogether accumulated in the parlor, the errand is supported by SuperSport and it's about the 2018 Fifa World Cup competition that will be held in Russia.

12:30pm - Tobi, Anto, Teddy An and Miracle are in the garden having a discussion.

12:18pm - Head of House Tobi peruses out an assignment brief to his kindred housemates who are altogether accumulated inside the parlor.

11:35am - Khloe and Nina are situated by the jacuzzi having a one on one discussion about skin and magnificence administrations, Khloe appears to make them intrigue tips for Nina.

11:11am - The housemates are in the garden with Teddy A smoking.

10:59am - Big Brother summons Teddy A to the journal room.

10:55am - Big Brother summons Lolu to the journal room.

10:50am - Alex joins Tobi, Anto and Miracle who are having a discussion in the room.

10:40am - Tobi and Anto are in their beds having a discussion.

10:26am - Nina is cleaning and sorting out things in the kitchen.

10:18am - Teddy An is making the most of his breakfast feast.

10:13am - Nina is clearing in the kitchen.

9:46am - Anto and Miracle are in the room having a discussion.

9:39am - Nina is inside the room making every one of housemates' beds.

9:24am - Nina is clearing in the storeroom room.

9:14am - Lolu is in the storeroom room pressing his garments.

9:04am - Some housemates are presently washing up and tidying themselves up.

8:57am - Big Brother arranges the housemates to close the front entryways of the house and remain inside until the point when additionally take note.

8:45am - Housemates are all in the garden.

8:03am - Housemates are participating in their every day morning exercise session.

7:25am - Housemates have started awakening one by one.

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