Inspirational and Happiness Status Phrases and Quotes for social media

best inspirational quotes and happiness status

Happiness is one of the most important thing life, being happy is being succeed in life, it has always been one of the best inspirational quotes ever since the begining of mankind.

Some people on social media like facebook, twitter, whatsapp, google plus, pinterest may want to send happiness status as a motivational quotes to someone and he may find it difficult to think of what to send to the person.

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We all want happiness in our life, and most of our actions are in this direction. We watch movies, read books, dance, drink, meet friends, travel and seek love, because we want happiness. Here are some Happiness status quotes for social media.

best inspirational quotes and happiness status

Inspirational and Happiness Status Quotes for WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and Google+

1. Smile, when you leave home in the morning, and smile, when you return home in the afternoon.

2. Be thankful for the little things in your life. All of them together, make your life wonderful.
3. Do a least one thing you love every day, and happiness will start to fill your life.

4. Happiness is flowing into my life like the Niagara Falls.

5. Stop worrying about everything and taking things personally, and try to be more forgiving, and you will see your life beginning to be filled with happiness and inner peace.

6. Bring a smile to the face of your loved ones and your world will become brighter.

7. Happiness is an inner state. It does not depend on what you have, on position, or on your social or financial status in life.

8. I am the master of happiness.

9. I meet happiness every hour of the day.

10. I am a magnet for happy people.

11. I am an expert in bringing happiness into people’s lives.

12. Life is full of joy, but you have to be aware of this joy and to participate in it.

13. One act of kindness a day brings happiness into the world.

14. Don’t wait for happiness. Create it every day by doing small things that make you and other people happy.

15. Do everything with joy and interest, even the tasks that are boring and the tasks you do not like. Soon, your life would be full of joy.

16. Every day, find good reasons to laugh and to smile.

17. Happiness is a state of mind. Adopt this state of mind.

18. Plant the seeds of happiness, by complimenting and appreciating people for their work and for their actions.

19. In difficult times, think of the good times.

20. When you are happy, you make other people happy.

21. Do not say, “When I’ll be rich I’ll be happy”. Be happy now.

22. Set a goal that you want to achieve, make plans you are eager to carry out, and create a good reason to wake up early and joyous in the morning, eager to start your day.

23. Enjoy the little things in your life, the coffee of the morning, the fresh air of the morning, the shower, and the delicious sandwich.

24. Smile at life, even in difficult times, and life will begin to smile at you.

25. Be glad for other people’s success, and the Universe will find ways to make you successful too.

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