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Just recently the web portal owned and operated by a company called Karate Combat recently launched a professional combat league as reported in the cryptocurrency news. The new league is meant to promote fighters from all around the world and showcase their fighting skills. One unique thing about the event, ‘Karate Combat: Inception’ is the fact there is a giant bitcoin symbol in the middle of the ring.

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The New Martial Arts League Karate Combat Features a Bitcoin Symbol in the Center Ring as reported on the cryptocurrency news portal

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Martial arts (MA) and karate have become very popular sports these days, and mainstream audiences have been patronizing this activity for quite some time. One bitcoin-centric group called, a nonprofit that dedicates raised funds towards increasing bitcoin awareness, decided to spread the message to MA fans. Bitproj has sponsored the league Karate Combat, and for doing so the arena features a bitcoin symbol in the middle of the fighting ring.

Karate Combat’s launch has recently been featured in Sports Illustrated online publication which also shows a good crisp image of the bitcoin symbol inside the ring. Karate Combat CEO Michael DePietro explains that Karate is very popular in the U.S. and starting the first league is a milestone.

“Approximately 50 million Americans have participated in Karate at some point in their lives with an even greater worldwide following, yet no professional league exists,” DePietro explains.

To date nobody has harnessed the beauty of this ancient sport for 21st-century fans and mass media appeal.

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Bitcoin Featured in the Pre-Season Genesis Events - bitcoin news today

It seems Bitproj believes in the mass media appeal of the new Karate venture as well by providing sponsorship towards the fighting league. An innovative technological symbol may entice audiences to ask about bitcoin or talk about the subject during matches. Karate Combat’s league boasts 100 fighters from 30 different nation states, and the team will also appear in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

karate combat

Bitcoin proponents will be pleased to see the bright white symbol in the middle of the ring in these two videos of the pre-season event titled ‘Karate Combat: Genesis.’ Moreover, the bitcoin symbol can be seen over at the web portal as well.
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