Simple beginner's guide on how to monetize your blog with adsense

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Google AdSense is one of the most popular methods of monetizing your blog or your website and many depends on it as main stream of income for blogging. 

Google AdSense is owned by Google and it is based on the idea of displaying advertisements which are on similar lines as the content on your blog.

The AdSense examines the content on your page and finds out the advertisements that suit your reader’s interest. AdSense allows you to add text, media and display good quality ads on your blog. Thus, giving you an edge and some extra money.

Before you go further, I will recommend you to take a 2 days professional blogging course and get the secret on how to make money blogging, this is what I did also when I started just for a small token fee.. You can CLICK HERE! to have a view of what I am talking about.

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It gives you an amount of money that is recurring and that will come back every time AdSense hits your blog. Since AdSense gives you a recurring income, you should definitely target it first and then move onto different monetizing techniques to improve your revenue.
information blogs contained blogs are the best for AdSense monetization.
AdSense earning can be increased by proper ad placements, Using of both text and display ads, Link ad units. The best way to use Google adsense by placing auto ads on your blog or website.

How to apply for google adsense

Go to or CLICK HERE to sign up.
On the registration page, put in the name of the website you want to use with adsense and click apply.

A mail will be sent to your inbox that you request is under processing and that it might take 2-3 days before you can hear reply from them.

After this head over to your blog and start structuring it for approval.
Advertise your blog for traffic, but do not place adverts on some shady black hat traffic sites or do not buy a bot traffic.

Structuring your blog for google adsense approval.

Content Plays a Great Role in AdSense approval. Your website must have unique and quality content that resonates with your readers. The Next thing is Simple and user-friendly website design with easy navigation. Quality content at least 10 blog posts and it must be at least 1000+ words and or 2000+ words for quick approval, Some essential pages like about, privacy policy and contact page and it is better to apply from custom email e.g

Also get a domain name for your blog, it is very important.

You can also outsource the design and adsense set up to an expert who can help you make the design, post up to 10 blog post search engine optimizations articles with SEO onpage and offpage search engine submission, you can send a mail to for more info. All you need to do is to pay a small fee and relax why the work is done for you.

How to properly monetize your blog. 

Website with quality and relevant content can make money from AdSense. However, information-based sites get more clicks and revenue. For example new websites or technology-centric websites.
I tried and tested blocking some low CPC ad networks but it actually dropped my revenue. Now I find High CPC keywords and write articles about them. Keywords plays a major role on your CPC.invalid or bot traffic to your site. When its come to buying traffic, Google adwords, Pinterest, facebook, twitter and so on is still okay for proper marketing strategies.

Adverts and promotion increase traffic to your blog and hence increase your revenue, the more adverts you place or traffic you buy, the more your earnings on adsense grow. Do not buy bot traffic, google will block your adsense account has this happen to so many people before including me, so consult an expert first before buying any traffic.

Like I said earlier, knowing the basics of blogging is the best and this will fast track your earnings, Click Here! to learn The Most Powerful Blogging Course To Make Money Online.
I hope this helps, share you comment and experience below.

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