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Ytech Consult limited was born out of hard work and the strong will to succeed. Being faced with the challenge of unemployment and the ever growing financial problems and inflation in the world today, we set out to explore different legal and very profitable ways to be financially stable and self-employed too.
At first, it started as a “trial and error” scheme because we just kept on trying several businesses online and failing at most. But that never stopped us from trying. “Although trying does not guarantee success, not trying however, guarantees failure”. We did several researches online, tried several businesses more again and again until we finally got it right over three (3) years ago.


We did comprehensive researches on various investment platforms and found out that there are no bad investments only if you know how and when to invest in them. We also learn that no matter how good a business is or how bad it might seem, the success of it or in it lies solely on the investor and his/her investment strategies.
Then the journey to greatness began. We used the formula we had found on several businesses online and made good fortune in a span of few months. We were sure we had found the secret after testing it for several months.
Then we decided to share the secret with the world by exposing people to business that really works, business news, investment strategies and inspirational quotes. YTECH CONSULT was born out of this determination to help people succeed.
Over the span of three (3) years, we have turned many ordinary individuals into extra-ordinary people and we do not intend to stop. We have spread our reach to five (5) states in Nigeria physically (Oyo state; Ibadan(head office), Rivers state; Port Harcourt, FCT Abuja, Lagos, and Edo state; Benin) and also globally online through our webinars.
What we do in brief is to invest in several platforms testing these platforms for several months in the process. We also do tons of research on these platforms to ascertain their stability, authenticity and reliability over a period of time. When we are then certain that the platform is genuine, stable and “Very profitable” We then introduce them to our clients. In so doing, we have minimized and managed their risk for them so they can invest with ease without having to worry about the risk factors associated with investments.

At Ytech Consult, we help you achieve your financial goals and dreams by introducing you to several news and investment quotes that can expose you to big business ideas
We are a seminar and webinar conducting company that helps ordinary people become successful by creating wealth online and offline, exposing them to various investment platforms.
We help our clients acquire skills on real, practical, and interactive methods of doing business online and offline and thus, becoming one step ahead of others.
At Ytech consult, we don’t just tell success stories; we make “success stories”. We inform people (both literate and non-literate, old and young, computer proficient or novice, employed or unemployed, etc) the invaluable nature of internet and internet investments, the skills they need to have to be successful and how they can become an internet business man or woman.

We also offer internet services and web development services to clients.
We help clients achieve their dreams with very little or no effort at all through our various autopilot and semi-autopilot teaching schemes.
At Ytech consult, we work almost every day because we want to help improve the intelligence of millions of people by showing them how internet as improve the world socially, morally and financially. 

We help our clients manage risk because we know risk in business cannot be avoided but effectively managed.
“There are no bad businesses; only bad investors/entrepreneurs”. We help turn bad investors/entrepreneur into great and successful businessmen. All businesses are good businesses with us. We show you how to get the most from any business you choose to delve into.
Our mission and vision is one and the same; “The make millions of people successful within the shortest possible time”
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